Entrepreneurship and The Future [4]

    Every generation has its peculiarities, appetite, aspirations, trends, challenges, and opportunities.
    The entrepreneur, sometimes, can create some of the above-mentioned issues, provide solutions, and generate wealth and prosperity from all of the above. I learnt that from Dr Ejoke Ughwanogho.

    My children were not raised in the same stressful conditions as me. My grandchildren are going to have a less stressful life than my children. However, this might be a very dangerous trend because you need some level of distress to be productive and creative; it’s called eustress.

    These are some products and KPIs of any business that will survive the next decade.


    Nearly every new product now and in the future is designed to make things and life easy.

    Just imagine the progression from pinhole cameras to those where the photographer had to cover his head with a cloth, to polaroids, and where we are now with camera phones and drones.

    Imagine the ease with which we communicate today. I remember I used to go to Warri from Ughelli, a distance of about 30 km, to make calls and check my emails. To call overseas from the post office then was terrible.

    Ease of getting to you and doing business with you is going to be a unique selling point of your business.

    Ease is an intangible but very essential and valuable product.

    I’m in this transport company heading to Port Harcourt to give a lecture to the graduating class of a Bible School. They, like many Nigerian service providers, are still operating at the level and style of Amels or Midwest Line Transport company. However, there is a transport company in Nigeria where you can book online and even get your seat number online.

    Nigerians like creating stress and difficulties for others. Most times, I think there is this evil obstructionism in us.

    PhD Students have to cook for lecturers for their defence. Are our professors so poor and primitive? Are they village idols that need sacrifices?

    The University pays for my son to attend conferences. They paid for a paper he submitted to a journal as part of his PhD requirements. At a point, intercity journeys were free for all students.

    Our leaders hate us so much; they derive their relevance from creating stress and then exploiting the situation. Then they go overseas for the easy life.

    We like creating unnecessary stress even for people who want to marry our daughters, or build, or do business in our communities.

    Do you remember your parents may have told you that if you like to eat sardines you will be a thief and that eggs were not good for children? Remember the lie that if you drink coconut water, that you will be a dullard?

    Maybe some of those who are ruling us now ate too many sardines and eggs and drank an overdose of coconut water.


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