The world has transited from a global village to a global street.

    The president of the African Youth Community sent a message to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, through the French Embassy at Abuja, and in less than an hour, he got a response from the French President with a promise to address the issues raised by the African youths.

    If a pastor sends a request to his denominational headquarters, he might not get a reply for months, even if he gets it at all. A presbyter will press it down and make the pastor bitter. Presbyter = press + beater + bitter

    For your request to even get to a Local Government Chairman, it might not be responded to until his tenure is over, not to talk about a governor.

    We are not ready for the business of governance with our mentally exhausted ancestors we elect into office.

    Professor John Mbiti a Christian philosopher said that Africans have no value for time.

    Africans and Nigeria will be left behind in this generation if we continue with our earthworm-speed mentality. We know how to waste people’s time.

    If you must do business in this decade, you need to do the following:

    Save time

    Respond to clients promptly.

    Bill Gates titled one of his books, “Doing business at the speed of thought”.

    Breach the barrier of space and time, according to Raymond Ugbeh, by using the internet. I said in a previous post that one of the most powerful instruments today is a phone with internet connectivity.

    I took a cab to Sapele to give this lecture, and the cab driver knew me from my posts online.

    I have sold nearly 50 acres of land online with only a few posts. The land does not belong to me directly; I only acted quickly on information I received.

    I have been able to reach more people through Farm Fellowship International than all my journeys to different nations.

    If your business is not reaching people online, you are behind schedule and will remain a local champion.

    You must have the capacity to receive information speedingly, process, and react speedingly.

    The world is on the move; reach them on the go through their phones. Don’t rot in your locality as a local champion.

    I recently addressed a conference of Urhobo people in the whole of North America from Ughelli in my home.

    As long as there is network connectivity and you have an idea, service or product online, your speed of growth will shock you.

    Save people energy costs

    Energy and global warming are going to be major concerns in this dispensation. Any business venture must be tailored towards saving energy and the cost of running production.

    You must have noticed the increase in sales of noiseless and fuelless generators and the popularity of solar energy.

    Save people money

    I took a train from Ujevwu to Itakpe for just 2200 Naira. If the train eventually extends to Abuja, imagine what will happen to transport companies.

    When the Calabar-Yenegoa-Otueke-Patani-Ughelli-Warri-Sapele- Benin-Ore-Sagamu-Lagos rail line gets fully functional, several transport companies will be in distress.

    Any business that will save people money will thrive now and in the future.

    God Bless You.

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