Life is Like a Perfume

I learnt very early that life is like a perfume stored in a bottle.

Remember the alabaster box that was broken by a woman and the aroma filled the room?

I learnt that the best way to earn relevance is to share your content and fragrance with as many people as possible. The more people you touch with your fragrance, the more value you have and the more impact you make.

Crafty people never grow beyond themselves; they coil upon themselves like frightened millipedes. Once a millipede is coiled on itself, it cannot move, and it becomes more vulnerable.

I have seen many crafty people in my life. They have always remained coiled and cranky.

I will empty myself on humanity. I will share my life with as many people as possible.

Effurun Otor is a great investment hub for futuristic thinking real-estate investors. If you miss it now, you might regret it.

We have a federal institution under construction-the National Institute of Transportation Technology, and Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor is coming up too.

The land is very fertile and the people are peaceful. No development levy. No herdsmen. We also have an enlightened king

You can get in contact with me for more details.

God Bless You.

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