My brother, Pastor Raymond Ugbeh, taught me about two years back about the church without walls and breaking the barrier of space and time. He proposed that as far as the church is concerned, limiting the worship of God to buildings and congregational worship is a self-limiting approach. He further taught me about the ability to reach more people at greater distances without physically going there. He also taught me that the solution to your problem is just a few phone calls away from you.

The tragedy with us, so-called Papas and Mamas, is that we hardly calm down to learn from those we call our assistants. Most times, we religious leaders do most of the talking and teaching without doing enough listening and learning. We are not too different from Nigerian and African politicians; we see every person around us as dependants, not as individuals who have direct contact with Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and that they have revelations too. We are also too proud to learn from other professionals and pastors we consider lower than us.

Raymond Orogun Ugbeh’s counsel changed my life and ministry. I started a radio broadcast on Quest FM 93.1, every Wednesday, by 6:30 a.m. I had a greater reach and audience. I got calls from people I have never met and invitations from companies, churches, and other organizations I have never met.

During the lockdown, I could not travel to speak, but I spent more time on my blog and I recently started video broadcasting; I have had tremendous views and comments from different nations.

The invitation to speak to a church without walls is a testimony to the fact that anything you do today is beyond the brick-and-mortar church.


The four-wall ministry is still there, but it has become like the typewriter compared to the computer. I have never been to Qatar, but I will be speaking to the church without walls from my sitting room in Ughelli. I said this in 1998 before I came to Ughelli; now it’s a reality.

If you must reach your world, make global impact, and stop going back to your village to look for those bewitching you, know that the most powerful instruments today are phones that have internet connectivity. COVID-19 can close churches, worship centers, and businesses, but the internet will open the global arena for you.

What is happening is not a plot by Satan or the antichrist; it is called creative destruction, according to a book written by my brother, Tobi Dafe. It is the process of creating a new order out of an old order.

The glory and the move of God come as waves and clouds. His moves come like seasons; you change your dressing, crops, and behaviour to match the seasons. You don’t need to fight them. The reality is that if you don’t move with the tide, you will be left behind.

God bless you.

My heart goes out to several pastors and brethren that have died from COVID-I9 infection, and my prayer is that God will comfort their friends, families, and members.


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