It was my wife’s birthday on the 25th of August.

    In recent times, the value we place on people is only measured by the cash and the cost of what we spend to celebrate them. The value of the event is measured by the crowd and connections we display during the event. We can even borrow to create fake impressions. We like “showbody” or “notice me or I die”.

    The daughter of President George Bush and Laura Bush got married when they were in the White House, and only 200 guests were invited. There are 50 states in the United States of America with Governors, not to talk of the secretaries of the different ministries, and the political and business associates of the Bush dynasty, and countries that depend on America. Not everyone was invited.

    The former president of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter, still lives in his two-bedroom house. He is still a Sunday School teacher in his local Baptist Church.

    When my son got married to Dr. Mirela Apoki, a resident cardiologist in France, I was amazed at her simplicity, despite her status and beauty. She and her family did not give us any stress at all. If it was Nigeria, we would have sold one building to marry her because of the pressure.

    Recently, I noticed some small children were throwing leaves at my car in my community. I later realised that they were mimicking young boys who were spraying money in a ceremony that day.

    We are a very backward nation in all aspects, and we are in very dire straits. We should show some level of restraint even in our celebrations. Let’s stop this fake and false hope form of living, especially on social media.

    Godliness with contentment is great gain.

    Thanks for your prayers, messages, calls, and gifts of love.

    God Bless You.


    1. The above message “Joy Is Not Sold In The Market” is a direct message. If we all can spend 80 percent of our times reading Dr. Apoki messages, Nigeria will be a better place for us. We so much love competitions and also being artificial. Most families see marriage as an avenue to exploit the suitor, but from the above story the different is clear. I advise all Nigerian to subscribe to Dr. Apoki YouTube and take time to read all his messages line by lines. There are a lot of wisdoms in them. May the Almighty God continue to Bless and Protect Dr. Charles Apoki for us.

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