Entrepreneurship and the Future: Comfort

Comfort is what is difficult to define, but easy to recognise.

Different people have different comfort preferences, but discomfort is not difficult to feel.

Comfort involves physical, emotional, and ideological suitability and values.

There is a trend in hotels in Abuja and Port-Harcourt; it’s no longer about size, but exclusivity and fitness for purpose. A lot of these hotels and lounges are former personal homes that were converted to hotels. Their percentage occupancy rates are very high. In fact, you have to book days or weeks ahead because there are very few rooms. Power needs are usually easier to manage and staff strength is small.

Sustainability and profitability are key in business, not size and statistics alone.

The generation of my children and my grandchildren are used to comfort and they will drift to any business that offers comfort.

The need for comfort will spread through schools, transportation, homes, shopping malls, hospitals, and even churches.

You will notice that there has been a progressive transformation of church seats from long benches to pews, plastic chairs, and now padded seats. Churches now have air conditioning with a very great ambience.

Don’t ever confuse yourself that your anointing alone will bring them to your church; that is mechanic workshop ministry. Yes, they can come to be healed and get deliverance, but they need a church where they can listen to the word of God in comfort.

I know you will be angry with me for bringing church comfort here in a business discussion, but there is a competition for the attention of humanity.

Let’s show a little heaven here on earth to convince unbelievers of the reality of a heaven they have not seen. “Thy kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven”, so the Lord taught us to pray.

Investors, students, and tourists will prefer countries where they can find ease and comfort in living, vacation, education, and doing business.

Our leaders must grow beyond this primitive mindset of cows competing with humans for space in our cities and forests.

The world has since moved on and so have many Nigerians too.

God Bless You.

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