Life Has Always Been Fun For Me

    Even in the midst of all the challenges, find time to have fun.

    Nowadays, I work more from home. I determine my schedule. I don’t rush out, but I hardly go late to events.

    My lawyer and my contractor are usually my first callers.

    I do some mentoring, share ginger and honey tea or zobo with them, and have a big laugh.

    The laughter is bigger when you pay promptly and give a little bonus.

    The farm is the most relaxing part of my business. I recieve vistors and potential investors, and do some fellowship and have a lot of fun.

    I select the programs I accept nowadays; I don’t congest my life nowadays.

    Ministry is very very stressful. Remember, Jesus was so tired that even when the boat was tossed by a tempest, He was fast asleep. They even needed to go to a secluded place to rest.

    There are lots of younger people that should be taking over some duties from us.

    It’s not pride; it’s commonsense.

    God Bless You.

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