The 15th Commandment: Don’t Accept Their Labels

    Whatever and whoever you accept will rule over you. Tragically, you will start to exercise faith in your acceptance of their labels.

    They labelled him ‘Blind Bartimaeus’, but there were other attributes like faith, insight, and tenacity in him.

    Ordinary people are ordinary because they see only negativity about themselves, their environment, and their circumstances. They negate themselves and admire and promote their oppressors.

    The average royal or religious family in any society are a minority. The general populace is more important and powerful than the royalty. This also includes tyrants and oppressors. The people just accept their superiority and rule, and even live and be ready to die to protect and serve them. Many backward people in religious and political settings suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

    The United States of America will remain the greatest country in the world because it gives you, to some extent, the freedom and opportunity to believe, live, and prove yourself. They don’t accept the control of man over man to a large extent. If Donald Trump was an African president, he would have remained in the power till today. Recently, when his supporters knew he secretly took the COVID-19 vaccine, they booed him in a rally.

    People close to me, in the past, have tried to attach labels to me and my future, but I have always rejected them. I know myself and my dreams, and God directs me as His personal project. I’m always ahead of the thoughts and labels of whoever I’m relating with. No matter how you think you know me, I know you more than you think I do. God is always ahead of me and He leads me by inspiration.

    One passage that has influenced me so much is, “whoever is born again is like the wind“. Meteorologists can label and name hurricanes. They can try to predict hurricanes, but hurricanes don’t conform to their permutations; they have a mind of their own.

    I have chosen to be unusual, controversial, radical, and abnormally normal. For example, I don’t need the approval of the man, who once told me that people were complaining that my wife and I don’t dress well, to look good in these pictures. I know I look good even if any person is of a contrary view.

    Be bold to live your life within the limits of liberty Jesus gives.

    Some folks once told my dear brother, Samson Bodjor, that he was worse than his mentor, Dr Apoki Charles, in dressing. Check him out today, he is great to behold; greater than those cynical and critical simpletons.

    Some folks, especially young pastors, without direction in and around Ughelli, tried to label me from their limited understanding. While they are still struggling to impress their idols, I have since moved on.

    Who and what you admire can either make you or mar you.

    Who and what you respect can either rule over your life, ruin you or raise you.

    God Bless You.

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