Wealth is Intentionally Created and Sustained

    Speaking on October 29th at the St. Andrews Cathedral Anglican Communion, Warri.

    The ingredients of wealth creation include:

    D1: Desire

    Intentionally desire to be legitimately wealthy and don’t feel bad about it. It has to be an intense desire that is only surpassed by the love of God and the love for humanity.

    D2: Dream Life

    Intentionally have a dream life. A dream life is not what you see in your sleep; it is a picture of a future life that you are ready to stay awake to achieve while others are sleeping.

    D3: Drive

    Your dream life must drive you into legitimate actions, no matter how others make mockery of you. It keeps you going when others have given up. I learnt today that South Korea grew from a poor country from sheer hard work.

    Making money is stressful; don’t let anyone deceive you. Even counting money or working in the bank is not easy.

    D4: Daring

    Daring people create wealth. It takes calculated risks to create wealth.

    D5: Dedication

    The Beretta family has been producing guns for 500 years.

    Dedication to duty, improvement and sustainability is key to preserving wealth.

    D6: Discipline

    God Bless You.

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