This is a long story, but read it before you like or comment.

    I made this video in a car that was chartered to take me home from Umahia after my ministration at World Power Ministries International. This is the stretch between Elele and Elele Alimini.

    In all my travels to preach in the Eastern part of Nigeria, this used to be the most painful part about 21 years back. I used to take Agofure motors from Ughelli and stop at Elele Alimini. I would then need to take a motorcycle (okada) to Elele main town. My suitcase would be with the rider in front, and I would carry one bag of audio cassettes on one shoulder and books on another shoulder.

    The most terrible part was when it starts drizzling and I would get wet. Funny enough, that’s the time I would see a car with the sticker of Nigeria Medical Association drive past on the other side of the road. Depression would set in to remind me that I once was practising medicine at Aba, and questions would arise if I had not made a mistake becoming a preacher?

    It was not easy on me I must confess. “Who feels it knows it, Lord”… (Robert Nesta Marley).

    Then, I will have to squeeze myself with other passengers at the back of the bus to Owerri. If I was heading to Abia State University, Uturu, I would have to struggle with my luggage to Okigwe park and squeeze into another bus. The most humiliating part is walking behind the wheelbarrow man carrying my luggage.

    We are all road users. Don’t focus on the other road users; focus on your destination. Yours might be rugged and tough, but you have to pay the price to win the prize.

    My shoulders used to get sore and the skin would peel off. Today, they don’t allow me to carry my luggage anymore.

    That’s life for you.

    I pray for you that you will get to your destination of celebration.

    You will not take that painful journey with humiliation again; you will pass with celebration.

    I silence every voice of humiliation and depression in your mind in Jesus name.

    There is hope ahead.

    Jesus did it for me. Your testimony will follow these tests.

    Please help share to encourage others.

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