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Mutate Your Money

While I was doing God’s work at Umuahia, my workers were working for me. Immediately I arrived back home, I went straight to my farm to check on the farm and the building project at the permanent site of Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor.

I had saved some money from books I sold in two meetings and lectures I presented. That’s what I used to pay the workers.

I mutated money to buy these 40+ acres.

I have mutated my ministry money into agriculture.

I will further mutate the agriculture money to other forms.

Real estate is another area I need to mutate my money into.

Don’t just save money; its value decreases with time.

The ability to mutate your money on a dynamic basis to areas where it can multiply is the key to growing your money.

The good thing is that my cassava will be growing, and by implication, my money will grow while I am asleep.

Mutation in microorganisms is a survival instinct, so also is money.

God Bless You.

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