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Tag: legacy

I’m Encouraged!

A donor and partner from Abuja sent the message below back in May when this video was recorded. He paid for sand and sent money to cook for the women […]

Life Will Ask You Questions

PLEASE PREPARE TO GIVE GOOD ANSWERS. DON’T BE A STORYTELLER; ENSURE YOU BECOME A HISTORY MAKER. This post will make you angry with me; but it’s part of human behaviour. […]

Keeping The Fire Burning

These videos were shot just before April 27th, 2021, in preparation for laying the foundation stone of Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor and to mark my 62nd birthday. We sprayed herbicides on […]

Documenting History and Process

The first stage of stage 1 done. Very few young people I mentor have ever asked me how I started life and how I have reached this little level they […]

Gain, Profit, and Losses

Always have a mental triple-columnar book of posterity in your mind. Always ask yourself if your immediate attainments and enjoyment will translate to long-term benefits? There are victories you might […]