Life Will Ask You Questions



    This post will make you angry with me; but it’s part of human behaviour.

    I’m at the airport at Asaba to board a flight to Lagos to attend the Government College Ughelli Old Boys Association, Class of 1972, pre-reunion meeting. Every class at 50 years, post-admission, is expected to do a project in the school that runs into millions of Naira. It is being hosted by the CEO of Income Electrix, Matthew Edevbie, one of the biggest energy companies in Nigeria and Africa. In fact, he is responsible for my tickets and accommodation.

    By next year January, it will be 50 years since we got admitted into Class One or present day JSS1.
    In the space of 50 years, this class has produced very successful businessmen, a retired Admiral from the Nigerian Navy, several lawyers, medical doctors, politicians, scholars, educationists, and clergymen.

    One of the things that shaped my life was the pain my elder brother caused my mother. He messed up opportunities and became a source of ridicule to my mother. One of my aunties would always start any discussion with my mother when they meet by asking questions about that my brother. My mother would start explaining why he had no job yet and stories of how things have been tough with him. I made up my mind to change that narrative.

    Unfortunately for that my auntie, her eldest son was later jailed for 10 years for being in possession of cannabis. Anytime my mother met her, it was revenge time. She would always start the discussion with questions about the son in prison. My mother was a “bad mama”! she would ask how many years of the sentence was left. If the woman says 7 years, my mother would scream as if it was eternity.

    I couldn’t help but burst into laughter right now.

    I later noticed as I got older that when old friends meet, the discussion starts with questions about children, where they were, what they were doing, etc.

    From my mother’s experience, I made up my mind to work hard, at least, to have good answers when I meet my old friends. God helped me to avoid the terrible mistakes of the ghetto. One day, I will write about the ‘Mistakes of the Ghetto’.

    You, young person, reading this post, I beg you earnestly, don’t waste time and opportunities. Find a small niche for yourself, make a mark and meaning.

    All fingers are not equal, but someone rightly said that you must not be the small finger. If you are not the fish or meat in the soup, at least you can be the salt or Maggi. I redefined my life at 40 years of age.

    Life will definitely ask you questions. You can’t escape it.

    Even ants ask questions when they meet each other. Have you noticed it?

    Don’t be like Gehazi who became a storyteller instead of a history maker.

    On Sunday, there will be so many questions when we meet for lunch. I hardly eat in public, but it’s going to be a great time, meeting after nearly 50 years.

    Remember 50 years does not take long. Time runs very fast after the age of 40.

    God Bless You.

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