Averting Calamity Through Social Intelligence: Abigail and David

Abigail was described as wise and very beautiful, while her husband was rich and foolish.

When she heard from one of her servants what her husband had said to David’s servants, she acted quickly. She collected food and sent her servants ahead of her.

The servants of David and the servants of Nabal knew each other. The servants would definitely be faster and meet David some distance away from Nabal because Nabal might spew out more provocative words.

By sending the servants and the food without informing Nabal, delay and a domestic upheaval were prevented. It also shows there was more than enough food to share.

There are times when quick apologies and actions prevent disaster.

When she saw David, she quickly alighted from her donkey or horse, and bowed down to greet David. She used the formula of Jacob in preparation to met Esau. Jacob arranged his family in batches to meet with Esau. Each unit weakened the anger of Esau. The emissaries and the gifts weakened the anger of Jacob’s adversary, Esau.

In circumstances like this, don’t be the first to appear and appeal to the offended person. Send people that your adversary will value first.

She took the blame for not being around. She spoke nicely to David. She acknowledged the fact David was God’s anointed. She described herself as David’s servant.

Can you imagine such a beautiful and intelligent lady, with a very rich husband, apologising and prophesying goodness upon you as a man?

Abigail averted a catastrophe with social Intelligence.

Bridle your tongue; add a touch of seasoning.

Remember, we are all sensitive people.

God Bless You.

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