Timing is very essential in social Intelligence.

    David displayed great social Intelligence by waiting till when Nabal was shearing his sheep. There was usually lots of food and drinks.

    David sent his servants so that it would not seem like extortion. The servants of David were well-known to the servants of Nabal and they were direct beneficiaries of the services of the wall of protection David gave to them.

    David was not asking for the unusual—the language of his demand was very polite—but Nabal reacted foolishly. Nabal did not weigh the consequences of his speech and actions.

    It is the peak of social Intelligence to know that you can’t prevent people from hating you, but don’t deliberately create enemies that you don’t have the capacity to handle.

    If you can handle them, there is no cheap trouble.

    Always evaluate the cost and the consequences of your actions.

    In Urhobo language, my people have a saying “Okpetu sheh berabor”, meaning that when trouble lands, it usually spreads its hands or usually has many branches.

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    God Bless You.

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