I’m Encouraged!

    A donor and partner from Abuja sent the message below back in May when this video was recorded. He paid for sand and sent money to cook for the women that worked at the site of Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor.

    The Talakawa Economics and Dance continues . . .

    I’m proud of what God called me to do.

    “Father, I remember the many times you would take me to this same site and share with me deep insights and truths, as you bought one plot after another. I didn’t need exercise after such walks because you had stretched our minds with simple truths and my muscles felt the pull of the long walks. One of the best appellation I was called then was “Apoki Boy”, though many people meant it as a derogatory compliment then. Today, I will stand on a hill to proclaim the “simple gospel of wealth creation and empowerment” as you have taught me and many others. I am forever grateful to you for seeing in me what you saw the day you took me in as a life-time student, when I approached you in the farm as you were cutting plantain. We will continue to share the testimonies of how you touched our lives Sir.”

    There’ll be a subsequent video on the update of our progress soon.

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    God Bless You.

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