Work More on Your Life, Talk Less About Others

    My big brother, Rev. Emmanuel Tuesday Yogoi, introduced me to this exercise and I’m having fun.

    1. I am not yet where, who, and what I am supposed to be because I have a lot of unexpressed potentials and faults.

    It is better for me to concentrate on my life instead of talking about those who are far ahead of me, working on their own lives. We all have our private challenges. Don’t analyse what you have not experienced or researched, especially you young and inexperienced folks. I did not know that climbing my steps can become a serious issue until I started.

    2. The devil and ancestral curses have never been my problem.

    Jesus settled that long time ago. I am my greatest problem. Any excuses, complaints, and challenges I have faced are less than what others have faced and they have done very well in life, even in this same Nigeria. You have accepted failure when you start blaming others, complaining, and criticising people without your contributing to society.

    3. When I focused on my life, I ignored all the critics and I made sure I added new knowledge and products to my life on a regular basis. Within a space of time, I had several products, ranging from books, audio messages, institutions, etc. Many of my critics are still where and how they were. I saw one recently and I felt really bad.

    4. Instead of talking about people, I now talk about my products and progress. If you don’t have something you are contributing to society or advertising to society on a daily basis, please sit back review and work on your life.

    5. Until this video, I did not know how my back and bum looked like. It’s not important. I know what my brains have and where I am going. Progressive people don’t even know how their backbiting haters look like.

    6. Very progressive people don’t gossip, they analyse issues and create the topics for the sluggards to discuss and fight over. The rich hardly fight their fights or quarrel on social media over their issues. They employ people to talk for them and fight their fights. They are too busy working on their lives.

    7. The Euro 2020 tournament is over. Fans spent money to buy tickets, shouted, and even fought each other. But only the players won trophies, accolades, and new contracts. The commentators have no medals to show; they have only videos. I agree that TV presenters earn salaries, but like life, the players who do the real deal earn more.

    A simple question: are you a life player or commentator? How much does your internet time bring to you every year? Remember, the most powerful instrument today is a phone with data and internet connectivity. You can create a brand and earn money or you can equally destroy your future from stupid comments and posts. I always check the profiles of those who make unintelligent comments on my posts and 99% of the time they are . . . . . .



    I’m still your friend, Dr Charles Apokiiiiii.

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