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Tag: attitude

Live Intentionally

On Sunday, March 29th, I spoke at the bishopric headquarters of the Church of God Mission International, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State. To live intentionally is to think before acting. It involves […]

Adding Value To Your Life

Because of Church folks and over-religious folks, let me state upfront what I do with my life. 1. I am a short-term missionary. I go for missionary work in some […]

When You Know Yourself, Master It

Speaking to Anglican Clergymen and their wives from Sabon Gida Diocese (Church of Nigeria) at the Anglican Christian Center, Ogoni-Olomu, Delta State. Lessons of Life 1. I know myself, my […]

How To Meet Your Destiny Helpers

The books of Ruth and Esther in the Bible are books of strategic human effort and divine mercy. They are books that contain the power of the pursuit of purpose […]

Evaluate Your Life

Ruth started at the base of the pyramid of the harvest process, but there are key notes about her attitude that are common with people who start small but eventually […]

Redefining Success: The Cascading Years

S1 Set your goals and objectives within the the legal and spiritual normalcy of society in general. That means don’t be criminally minded and don’t be a religious freak. However, […]

Congratulations and Responsibility

It’s been quite a very hectic period. I left for Asaba to do a radio program on 2/12/2020. From there, I was at Aba on 4/12/2020. I went to Port […]