These are blessings from the lockdown.

    I just harvested fresh cucumbers for sale.

    My cucumbers were growing during the lockdown. 

    I sowed in the land and I’m getting a great harvest. 

    I am willing and obedient, so I will eat the good of the land. 

    I stated in my post on Economic Lessons from the lockdown that food was deemed to be more relevant than some “important services” that were shut down. 

    As beautiful as my school is, it was shut down; but the students, teachers, workers, and parents have been eating. 

    In one of my conferences, I talked about Agriculture: A New Frontier for Wealth Creation. I postulated that food will be the major money spinner. 

    Have you ever wondered what the owner of the Coscharis group of companies is doing in Agriculture? Aliko Dangote, the richest black man in the world, is massively into agriculture. 

    During the lockdown, foodstuffs and agricultural products were moving from the North to the South in Nigeria. 

    I have said severally that our big prayer camps should be used for agricultural purposes too. They are mostly useless throughout the year apart from Easter or December retreats and very few programs. Let’s make proper use of them to feed our nation. 

    Let our youths bend down and do something with their hands. 

    Cucumber money does not stain one’s pocket. Coronavirus does not attack cucumbers. 

    Dr. Apoki is not ashamed to sell cucumber.

    God Bless You.

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    1. Congratulations! If interstate transport were on, I would have asked you to send  some for ‘taste’! you are doing good and God will surely bless your effortsIk

    2. Dr Charles, you’ve always been an amazing person since my first encounter with you, I think in late 1985 in Aba. You’re a blessing to the world but the time I first knew you, I thought you’re only made for medicine and the gospel. Now, other amazing angles are unfolding! Don’t ever get weary in unleashing your God’s given potentials on the world!

      1. My dear gentle brother, am so glad to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words am encouraged sir. Looking forward to seeing you my dear brother. Please send your NUMBER to me via messenger.

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