At the Cliff Edge of Tyranny

    It was naivety to assume that those who benefit from the rot in Nigeria, would just relinquish their hold on the jugular veins of Nigeria.

    They will do everything to continue raping and infecting this nation.

    The burning of markets and properties and the rabid ethnocentrism we are seeing in some parts of Nigeria are dangerous signs of impending tyranny.

    The elections on the 18th of March 2023 in all the states will show the vilest and most abominable nature of these evil vampires from all tribes in Nigeria.

    You can see their desperation in their recent campaign strategies and the insanity displayed in rigging elections and falsifying results during the recent presidential elections.

    Unless the judiciary stand up to write their names in gold, whoever was party to this, will be an accessory to the tyranny that will befall this nation.

    God forbid.

    Tyrants are cowards! Don’t give up now! Vote on the 18th of March to remove any vestiges of this evil oligarchy.

    One of my seniors at Government College Ughelli said this evening, “It is better to vote a goat that we can remove in 4 years, than to recycle these evil vampires”.

    Fear not; we are more than them.

    They are very frightened already.

    I know their dogs might come here to bark like rabid dogs.

    When you check most of their profiles on social media, they are faceless and useless.

    You never see any original content created by them because dogs don’t cook.

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