Let’s Not Be Discouraged. A New Nation Is Not Born in A Day

    God did not give the Promised Land to the children of Israel in a day. They had to learn how to fight for their land. If not, they wouldn’t value it.

    We got our independence too easily and cheap oil money made things worse off.

    If the victory is too easily won, the prize is not valued.

    It would be naivety to expect that those who benefit from oil theft, banditry, fuel subsidy, security votes, inflated budgets, etc. will just hand over power because you voted for Peter Obi.

    No! Evil must fight back, but you must resist the devil and it will flee.

    Whoever knew that Tinubu could be defeated as the ‘landlord of Lagos’?

    The fight is not yet over. Go out and vote out those evil governors and their stooges.

    Resist rigging and thuggery.

    Use technology to report any evil.

    The enemies of Nigeria have sold their souls to the devil.

    Be as wise as the devil, but be as peaceful as a dove.

    The struggle continues!

    The judiciary must hold their heads high above this stench of evil; a lot depends on them.

    We will all suffer if we fail, including accessories to criminality currently jubilating.

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