Integrity is Capital

My client in the video below is a native of Imo state, but he’s resident in Dakar, Senegal.

He paid for one and half acres at phase 4 of the new city we are opening up at Effurun Otor/Ugheughe.

I never saw him until today. He signed his deed after seeing his land.

He also bought 2 sacks of my special garri which he took to Owerri.

We still have land for sale.

I have documents of several properties in my custody, several of these customers have never met me physically.

They reside in different nations of the world.

The world is a global street.

I’m creating a global economy in the suburban economic space by breaking the barrier of space and time.

This business started in the chaos of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Another business is incubating in this cashless economy.

God gave us brains so that we don’t complain in all circumstances or even disturb him and our neighbours with cacophonous prayers.

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