We’ll keep our Freedom to choose Normalcy: Please Leave Africa Out of This!

Africa is being choked by the Western world.

You came here with the Bible. You met us naked and you told us we were Bush People. And you introduced clothing. I am now dressed like you, wear shoes like you, but you are now going naked. Why is it that your women are now teaching our young girls to go naked? You introduced brassieres to us, but your women are no longer wearing them.

You brought the Bible, you told us to close our eyes to pray. Christianity in Africa is the only religion that closes their eyes to pray. Islam, they don’t close their eyes to pray. You told us to close our eyes to pray. We closed our eyes, and when we opened our eyes, the Bible was in our hands. And you too our land and our minerals. You left the Bible in our hands. You made us build churches. The biggest house in any town in Africa is a church. But you did not teach us to build businesses, to build institutions, to build human beings. Even when we try to build businesses, you made laws that fought against them, you made tariffs that fought against them.

Today, you carry our raw materials. You partitioned us and possessed us. We did not say anything. You carried us into slavery and used us just to plant your plantations, to plant sugar. And now you are telling us that sugar is bad. We agree, we will follow you.

You gave us the Bible to follow the God of Israel. We agree, because Israel has done well and the principles in the Bible are quite effective. The same Bible says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing.” Marriage is between one man and one woman. Now you are telling us that that is wrong, that we should change and follow your philosophy.

We had already started following your own principles. You taught us monogamy. Now you are telling us that it is one man and another man, one woman and another woman.

We can’t breathe. You’re confusing us.

King Leopold of Belgium cut off our hands and legs because of our minerals. And you are still in the Congo causing war. Now you say that you will oppress us and suffocate us if we don’t follow your philosophy of sexuality.

In Africa, a male child is determined when he is born. A female is determined when she is born. You are now telling us that it is when the child grows up that the child can decide whether it’s a female or male and that a surgeon can correct what God created. That it is orientation. And that you will punish us if we don’t follow your orientation. If there is freedom for them to make their choices, can’t we have freedom to also make our choices in Africa?

We can’t breathe. You’re suffocating us.

You came and carried us to slavery. I am now saying, these people that you love so much, that you said that if we do anything to them, that you will punish us. We won’t do anything. Please, we give you freedom to come and carry them. Give them visas. Let them come and stay with you there. Didn’t you carry my fathers and my ancestors to slavery in Europe and America? Come and carry these ones. Carry them as expatriates to live with you. Let them marry there. Let them stay there. Go and keep them with you. Without you, we don’t need them. Carry them. We love them, but take them away. Since this place is hostile for them, carry them. Let them go and stay with you.

You want to punish us for our belief system? No. We respect elders in Africa. We respect our parents in Africa. We don’t want to raise children that don’t have values for what we believe in. Here, we have accepted your names. We have accepted your religion. I am speaking your language. I am dressed like you. But this thing remaining that we value, that we treasure. Please, leave us alone. We can’t breathe.

Orgasm is produced by pleasurable friction. It doesn’t need wisdom. Orgasm is the peak of ecstasy. It doesn’t need intelligence. Sexual orientation does not need intelligence and wisdom. It is just the desire for pleasurable friction and company.

Why don’t you go and put pressure on the Islamic countries?

I blame African leadership who always want aid from you. I blame their stupidity and their corruption. And you cause a lot of the problems in Africa. Our presidents come and they steal money and keep it in your countries. And you protect them. Then you say we are corrupt. Does transparency International not apply to Switzerland, where our monies are kept and our people die and our monies remain with you? You collaborate with our presidents to make us poor. And then you give us aid. When you give us aid, you will bring the conditions that will work. You will determine who will work. You will determine the machinery we buy. You are enslaving us.

You are choking us. We can’t breathe. We can’t breathe. Leave us alone for a while.

African leaders, develop your countries. Don’t be stupid. Develop your countries.

We are choking. The black man is choking.

Africans, there is an opportunity for us to develop technologically. And that is information technology. We can do well in it. India is already doing well.

Our presidents, we can’t breathe. You are suffocating us with corruption and elite capture.

The black man is suffocating. We can’t breathe. Not only George Floyd, we can’t breathe.

Remember, I’m not a racist. I have European grandchildren. I have European daughters-in-law. But we can’t breathe.

God help Africans.

I remain your friend, Dr. Charles Apoki.

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