Happy Father’s Day

    I’d like to express my gratitude to all fathers. I’d like to say a prayer for all fathers.

    We work so hard to raise children, so hard to care for our families and wives, and so hard to build houses. We put in a lot of effort to start businesses. We work so hard to provide a good life for our children. However, we discover later in life that some of these children hardly ever call you. My bank occasionally wishes me a happy birthday before my children or my wife on my birthday.

    For the average man, it’s as though we’re slaves. It’s as though we’re slaves for children and slaves for spouses.
    We will spend money on Father’s Day. We’ll spend money on Mother’s Day. We will spend money on our children’s and grandchildren’s birthday. We’ll spend money on Women’s Day. We will spend money on our own birthday.
    What have we done to you?

    Some of you, your spiritual fathers, profit more from you than your biological fathers. Some of you, your father-in-laws, benefit from you more than your biological father. What have we done to you?

    Happy father’s day!

    Some of you aren’t even going to make a dress to send to your father. You will not send a gift to your father, especially if you live abroad. What did you send your father for Father’s Day? What have you done to show your gratitude to your father? How much of the money you spend in lounges drinking and dancing have you sent to your father? When the man dies, you arrive and fan a lifeless body. When I observe people fanning a dead body, it irritates me much. You start fanning your dead father, a man who died without a generator in his house, a man who died without air conditioning. How many times have you called your father since the beginning of the year?

    Happy Father’s Day! Nonsense Happy Father’s Day.

    You won’t even call your father after he has spent all of his time and effort training you.

    Happy Father’s Day!

    When we call, the answering machine sometimes answers.

    Nonsense Happy Father’s Day.

    It’s a really terrible thing if people don’t take care of us and make us appreciate being your fathers. People should learn to take care of their fathers, not just on Father’s Day.

    God Bless You.


    1. My brother, you hit the nail on the head. We just thank God we were able to carryout our God given responsibility, no regret and no blame.

    2. Hello Dr Apoki, someone shared one of your videos with me via whatsapp and I searched your name (that you mentioned in your video) on Google to find your website.

      I want to thank you for your insightful posts and videos about taking care of our fathers. Five years ago…I decided to put my dad on a monthly salary. I started out with 10k…since…God has blessed me and I now give N100k monthly. My ongoing plan is to build a befitting house…with all bells and whistles and gift to him. Land purchased.architecture Plan is being drawn. Even though I live abroad…I ensure to call my parent every week. I sent them smart phones and got someone to teach them to pick whatsapp video calls so they can see their grandchildren twice weekly.

      Your post aligns with my belief and strengthened me and I have resolved to even do more. In this new year 2023. I will be sending my dad gifts. I promise to visit Nigeria this year to see him and spend time together.

      I also will be having a father-son talk. I appreciate my dad more now that I am a father. I see all the sacrifices that are not visible. And I promise to be a better son. Thank you for what you do. I sincerely appreciate you sir

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