If we consider Nigeria to be a company, Nigeria PLC., would you employ those people you are defending as presidential candidates? Would you employ them to head your family business? If you were the manager of Nigeria PLC, would you employ the people you are defending as governors and senators in your company? Would a reasonable company like Microsoft, Total, or Nestle employ such people to head such companies?

    Why is it that politics blinds our eyes and assassinates our intellect to the point where we can defend anything because the person is from our tribe, our religion, or our region? According to Lemchi Chidi, many people do not have the best interests of the country at heart; they simply want the country to benefit them.

    Do you want your business to be run the way Nigeria is run? Do you want your business to be run the way your States are run? Do you want your business to be ran the way your local government council is ran? If not, you are a wicked person. It is wickedness to recommend the kind of people we are recommending today in politics. When I see the kind of people we are supporting, it as if we are into witchcraft and mutual deception?

    Let me just say this: I don’t have anything to lose at this age; I can easily go and buy a house overseas; I can do well regardless of who rules this nation. But what about my grandchildren? What about your grandchildren? What about my relatives? What about people in my community? What about my comfort with policemen who look very wretched harassing people without electricity, water, or good health care?

    Who do you support? What do you support. This country is dying, and we must reclaim it from the same rapists, thieves, and criminals who have ruled us for years, and from the same people who want to continue dominating us.

    Someone once stated that doing the same thing in the same way and expecting a different outcome is insane. Now we are doing the same thing with the same people, in the same way, in the same country and expecting a different result.

    Put an end to your hypocritical prayers. Take the correct option, make the right decisions, and transform this country.

    God bless you, and pick wisely.

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