The Owo Attack and the Disregard For Human Life | Nigerian Citizens Can No Longer Outsource Our Security To The Government.

    The Owo attack is not the first in recent memory, but it is a significant warning sign because it shows that terrorism, which has traditionally been inflicted in the North, is spreading to the South.

    The attack also demonstrates the government’s disregard for human life and empathy. After the attack, President Buhari still had time to host a dinner with other APC party members. In response to the killings, a government that values life would have cancelled the dinner.

    Where was the response from security personnel to the attack? In a functional state, the government is responsible for providing security, water, a good education, stable electricity, and healthcare. When the government fails to meet her citizens’ basic needs, we make personal and communal arrangements to provide these services for ourselves and our communities.

    The government is responsible for general security; however, self-defence is a personal responsibility. This means that we cannot rely solely on the government to ensure our personal and group security. When the government is constantly failing, we must begin making proactive plans for our security in the south and north.

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