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Tag: the principle of gradualism

Be Ye Imitators Of God

This was a seminar topic I did in one of our Word and Wisdom conferences at Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli. I thought it necessary to share it with you at […]

Breaking Inertia

It’s not enough to have great information and ideas. Sometimes, ideas are very cheap, but very few folks are ready to start the process of turning them into reality by […]

Life is Governed by Principles

Life can not be lived on a sustainable basis by miracles alone. The miraculous is only an intermittent intervention in the affairs of humanity, when humanity is helpless and confused. […]

The Philosophy of The Ant

The Ant is a very small creature, but it has a lifestyle that enables it to achieve great results. That’s why the Bible says in Proverbs 6:6 that we should […]