By Dennis Agori

    On 27th April, 2020, I made the first part of this post (The Dr. Charles Apoki I know) on the account of his 61st birthday

    This is an account of the second part. 

    Yes, it is an unforgettable moment for me as my father, friend, and mentor as Dr. Charles Apoki took me to his farm to teach me more of his methods and memories.

    It is a privilege I didn’t take for granted, as we happily worked together, and discussed key issues of life, some of which are in the videos of this post.

    Today’s adventure gives more credence, in my opinion, to the major philosophies of Apoki brand:

    1. The principle of gradualism 

    We are imitators of God, who didn’t create an all-perfect world at once. 

    It is the kro-kro-kro approach—The Philosophy of the Ant. He didn’t acquire this expanse of land in just one day. 

    Those who look for perfection, and a perfect time to start, most likely, never start.

    2. Practical Models 

    Great mentors are models. 

    At first, I was reluctant to work because I haven’t worked on a farm for a very long time (not that I like it, though). But when I saw Dr. Charles Apoki bending down to pluck cucumbers, and stretch his way to check everything around, I just couldn’t hold back. I had to work and it was exciting. 

    He showed me the way without speaking a word. 

    Most men talk too much, but do too little.

    3. Get Your Family Involved 

    It was more exciting as Ese Apoki joined us on the farm. He worked too. 

    When it rained, it rained on all of us. 

    Back home, Ejiro Apoki and Mrs. APoki were making contacts for buyers of the farm products. 

    That’s a great lesson I have learnt from him before time—it is necessary to get as many members of the family involved to keep on the legacy.

    There are other intimate lessons I may not share here, but I have few questions for our emerging youths: 

    How close are you to the men and women you should learn from? 

    If you are close, are you available and committed when it matters most? (I had to be available and forgo other things to learn at the master’s table). 

    Do you trivialise the strength and network of your mentor? 

    The answers you get are lessons in themselves. 


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