I went for the sixth time today to harvest cucumber from the same land. The harvest had drastically reduced, but I was excited at what I have sold and, more importantly, the lessons I have learnt. I am also glad to announce to you that I have broken into the market; my problem now is meeting the demand.

    There is an important piece of information I will pass to those interested in cucumber cultivation, if you get to the end of this post. 

    Remember, we intend to share everything that I have learnt, as long as there is someone ready to learn. We want to share with each other to raise One Million African Entrepreneurs and Millionaires.

    Lessons I Learnt From Cucumbers

    C1 Consciously Decide To Succeed

    If others have successfully done anything, make your mind to succeed too. Even if nobody has succeeded, tell yourself ab initio that you are in this to succeed. 

    That was the mindset of the first men (Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay) to climb Mount Everest. Many had failed and died before them.

    I consciously decided to succeed in cucumber farming, harvesting, and selling. From the harvest we did today, we did not harvest enough to meet our supply tomorrow.

    C2 Constantly Strive To Succeed

    Even in your failure, and as you hit the ground, stand up, dust yourself, and tell yourself, “I am going to try again”. 

    In The Victory Mindset: Turning Your Captivity Around, I talked about the first man to run the mile race in under 4 minutes, Roger Banister. Several people had tried several times and failed. They even used wild animals to pursue people, but they still failed. 

    Medical experts concluded that it was impossible to run the mile under four minute because of the physiology of the human body. However, Roger Banister, a medical student broke that record, and since then, several people have broken that record. 

    When I told my elder brother that I wanted to read medicine when I was in primary four, he said that all those who went to study medicine from my village, then, had failed. But I told him that if any person was going to pass in my class, I would be that person. 

    I passed, even though I borrowed a suit for my matriculation. Tragically, we just recently buried my generous and good friend that gave me a suit. I passed, even though I borrowed books to read. 

    After the first harvest, I made up my mind that I was going to succeed in this cucumber business. I was always looking for ways to succeed in it, because if it can grow well, despite my mistakes, when I correct them, I will do better. There were times I wanted to give up. There were days I was discouraged about my watermelon farm, but my wife, her worker, and my brother’s wife have been infected with my enthusiasm. 

    Today, one of my drivers, my wife, my son Ese, and I went to the farm. I have bought the improved seeds and I am preparing another plot on a higher ground for the next generation of cucumbers.

    Just like I wrote in one of my posts, Making Money From Home, my son brought up the idea of planting cucumbers on about one acre of land in our school. That would be easier to monitor. Transporting the harvest would be very easy, and I will have more hands to work with me. We all want to succeed in the cucumber business now. 

    I don’t mind if people start calling me Dr. Cucumber. Remember, money from cucumbers money does not stain one’s pockets. 

    The crew of a ship was at a point of revolt against their captain because their hopes of seeing land, since they sailed from Europe, was proving to become a mirage. They demanded they return to Europe. He told them they should give him three more days, and that if they did not see land, they would return to Europe. On the third day, they saw land. That sailor was Christopher Columbus, and that land is the United States of America. They were at the point of success but faint-hearted men wanted to turn back. 

    It’s the same story with the telephone, Neis started the project, but Graham Bell only turned a screw just a very little more, and was credited with inventing the telephone. 

    Several people have turned away at the verge of a breakthrough.

    C3 Constant Willingness To Learn

    As said in my earlier post, where we planted the cucumbers was too close to the water. So we are planting on higher ground now. That portion never gets flooded. 

    I also said that I planted a species that was not popular in my locality. I just received my supply of the species the people around prefer, today; I collected them on my way from the farm. I also asked questions on how to plant them. 

    I now realised why the ones first planted by my runaway farm manager failed before he planted mine. I will correct that mistake, and add additional improvement to get better results.

    C4 Constant Improvement

    I steal with my ears and eyes. You can steal with your eyes; nobody can arrest you. 

    The Switz were the major manufacturers of wristwatches until a Japanese, who attended a wristwatch fair, stole the battery-operated wristwatches with his eyes. Today, Japan produces the major share of wristwatches today. 

    When African politicians go to Europe, the US, and other developed nations, they don’t copy the good things they see there and come back to implement them here. Even those who have lived or schooled there, immediately they join politics, it is as if they have never left the shores of the nation.

    C5 Constant Reinvestment

    All the sales I made from cucumber sales, have been ploughed back, plus other funds. The new seeds are more expensive; in fact, they are three times more expensive than the previous ones I planted. I’m spending money to prepare the land. 

    If you don’t sow, don’t expect to reap.

    There is a contact I will give to you on cucumber training, and how to get good seeds if you are interested. When you are done, add a comment and I will send you the address and contact number. Feel free to also share this post with Friends and family that might be interested.

    God Bless You.

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    1. Thank you Dr for yielding and being a blessing to our generation.
      I am very much interested in the training Dr.

    2. Sir, thanks for your love. Am following you like monitoring spirit, you are a blessing to these generation. I will like to know you better, am interested too. Big and lovable Daddy.

    3. Great effort sir. More Grace to you. I’m interested in farming… I saw water melon in the video. Do you grow that too?

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