The Ant is a very small creature, but it has a lifestyle that enables it to achieve great results.

    That’s why the Bible says in Proverbs 6:6 that we should look at the Ant in order to gain wisdom.

    One of the key principles of the Ant is the philosophy of gradualism and the cumulative results of little and persistent efforts.

    The Philosophy of The Ant, as a book, reveals simple principles to grow your finances through savings and multiple small streams of income.

    The principle of evangelism, like the Ant, is a very cost-effective way of church growth. The Ant builds its own house with inbuilt fungal gardens for winter; that is a deep insight into retirement plans during the summer of life.

    It has sold several thousand copies because it is a very practical guide to self actualization. It is loaded with principles that will turn the rain drops of your life into an ocean of greatness.

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