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Maximising Moments: Rahab, the Prostitute

The book is based on the supremacy of the pursuit of the purpose of God over rules and prejudices.

God needed to send spies to Jericho; if a Harlot would best be used to meet that need, then, so be it. The experience, competence, character, capacity, and the content of her mind, however, were more important than her current trade.

The same way God turned the zeal of Judaism and the education of Saul to the propagation and defense of the gospel, so also, the management and negotiating skills of the prostitute were harnessed to save the spies and save her family. God can use anybody who is well-prepared and positioned to fulfill His purpose.

The book also sheds insight on positioning and purposeful re-branding as ingredients, and God’s mercy, in dealing with people.

Rahab, the Prostitute, was the great grandmother of Boaz, who married Ruth, another Gentile, from whom King David was born.

God can use anybody, anyhow, and anywhere.

How would your church committee have reacted if they were the ones who sent the spies and they came back and told them that it was a prostitute who hid them?

Can’t you see that you are not yet yielded enough to God’s purpose and directives?

There is more in this dynamite of a book.

Get a copy here:


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