From the moment a child is born, he/she gets to realize that life is a constant battle trying to overcome challenges.

Despite the fact that we have an omnipotent and an ever-graceful God and Father, it doesn’t take away the responsibility of overcoming these daily challenges.

One major misconception our Christian leaders have created, consciously or unconsciously, is that the Christian race/life is rosy and victory is always guaranteed by virtue of our association with the Kingdom of God. Biblical and modern life accounts of great men of faith have constantly proven that challenges and battles are an inevitable part of our walk with God.

Before Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile barrier, medical experts and everyone else thought it was an impossible feat for the physiology of the human body. When it was broken, however, other people started breaking it more frequently.

It goes to show that it wasn’t just a physical race. It was a race that was more mental, and had a psychological precursor to it.

When that mindset is set right and overcome, the physical follows. So it is with every other endeavour.

God, by virtue of His nature, invested in every one of us potentials. The first step in achieving greatness is expressing such untapped potentials.

When they have been expressed, the next challenge involves developing them to the best of His expectations even from a state of ‘ground zero’.

God Bless You.

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  1. Life is a bittle and struggle,and people will constantly find them selves facing bad situations,destructive relationship,dangerous engagement.But how we comfort these challenges will determine our fate.
    There is no trouble free life and God didn’t promised us one.

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