By Charles Awuzie

    Don’t ever think that the actions of others doesn’t affect you.

    Last year in China, black people were denied accommodation because a black man from West Africa committed a crime. His crime affected anyone with a black skin.

    In South Africa, white farmers are seen in a bad way because of what a few white farmers did to black people.

    A few Zimbabweans in South Africa were involved in Cash in Transit Heist. So, today, Zimbabweans are seen in that way, whereas majority of Zimbabweans, I know, are skilled people earning an honest living.

    Black South Africans are now seen in a bad way across Africa because of the actions of a few xenophobic ones, who now make it difficult for the good, educated, welcoming, open-minded, and well-traveled majority of South Africans to freely travel and connect across Africa.

    Now let’s talk about Nigeria.

    Most Nigerians think that the actions of others will not affect them because Nigerians have been religiously brainwashed to believe that their case is different.

    Now listen to me, beloved Nigerians.

    For every time you are denied visa even after you fulfilled all requirements, you are paying for the sins of another Nigerian who went ahead of you to commit crimes.

    For every time you applied for a job overseas, and they rejected your application, even when you have the right qualifications, you are paying for the sins of a strange Nigerian who went before you.

    When you try to use PayPal and other web-services, but discover that Nigeria is banned, remember that another Nigerian caused the whole nation to be banned.

    Stop blaming the government for your woes because the government came from among us—we are the government and the government are Nigerians. We are the same people. So we must blame ourselves.

    If you know any Nigerian who is committing a crime internationally, don’t celebrate them. They are enemies of your unborn generation. They are destroying your national identity to build their personal empires.

    This is why I fell in love with Hon. Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in South Africa. He has a very clear understanding of the consequences of the actions of the minority, especially at the international level.

    No matter how desperate, angry, hungry or wicked you are, please don’t destroy your national identity. It’s the greatest asset you can live for your children.



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