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Why Most Ideas Never See The Sun

By Charles Awuzie

Most ideas never see the sun because they want the project to be perfect 👌 before they launch.

I used to be like that . . . .

And I discovered that I was only hoarding ideas, which never solved any human problems . . . .

I remember reading a post on LinkedIn by my mentor which addressed my perfectionism . . .

In that post, he mentioned that the first version of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay looked very bad . . . .

In fact, I had to Google how the old versions of the platforms looked to get the message. It dawned on me that if Mark Zuckerberg waited to have a perfect looking platform, his idea 💡 would have still been in his lonely head.

In my career, I have met with very smart people with very smart ideas . . .

In fact, I have worked on some projects by these smart friends of mine . . .

But one thing was common among many of them – PERFECTIONISM.

Their desire for a perfect platform caused an infinite delay of a lot of the projects.

This is why I advise those I mentor to avoid perfectionism . . . .

Get the basics right. The major functions should be functional. Then launch.

You will modify, improve, and enhance while in production.

Perfectionism is the reason why most ideas never see the Sun . . . . They die in the mind of the creator…

Stop postponing the launch of your idea

#JustDoIt – like #CharlesAwuzie does it ☺.


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