1. Someone is evaluating your character without your knowledge.

    (S)He will make deductions concerning you whether you like it or not, or know it or not.

    2. You character is a summation of actions and attitudes you regularly display as you interact with people.

    Careless and uncultured people behave impulsively, without any consciousness of the impact of their actions.

    3. You character is your brand.

    You generate discussions and reactions every time you interact with people. The impressions they form will determine how they interpret your future actions.

    It’s called the HALO EFFECT.

    If your wife knows you committed adultery, all your subsequent actions will be interpreted, rightly or wrongly from the adulterous past.

    Rod Stewart rightly said “The first cut is the deepest”.

    4. Your character is either an odour or a fragrance.

    The best Mary Kay products cannot mask a bad character.

    The biggest prison cannot restrain a good character. Joseph and Daniel are great examples.

    The best robes and suits cannot cover a toxic person.

    5. Your character will either attract reasonable people to you or scare them.

    6. If your character does not spice lives, men will despise you.

    No wonder bad character is despicable.

    God Bless You.