The Spirit Of God And Acquisition Of Knowledge

1. The spirit of God in man is not only for quaking and falling down. It is not for speaking in tongues alone.

The way African pastors use the revelational gifts to know where charms are planted or who is bewitching their followers, if applied to develop intellectual content and problem-solving knowledge, Africa would have been more developed than Europe.

It is instructive to note that Nigerians and Africans are excelling in different fields globally, including the development of COVID-19 vaccines.

2. The spirit of God is a teacher, revealer of mysterious things, teaches administration, and helps people provide solutions to challenges.

3. The restraining power of the Spirit of God has helped me check my excesses and natural tendencies.

He helped calm me down. I was quite a rascally and restless young man. Calmness, however, gave me focus. I could not settle down and read for long before my spiritual experience.

I spend so much time reading, meditating regularly, and building other forms of content that I hardly have time for frivolities.

4. He put my appetites and desires in check.

If you love the following Fs, you will hardly develop content from my kind of background

  • F1 – Females
  • F2 – Fantasy
  • F3 – Fashion.
  • F4 – Fermented drinks
  • F5 – Flashy lifestyle
  • F6 – Flashy cars
  • F7 – Foolish friends

I still have struggles, but the Holy spirit helps me come back to my senses.

5. The spirit of God helps me prioritise.

I am surprised how I left my former fantasies to concentrate of the acquisition of materials that will broaden my knowledge base.

I scavenge for knowledge.

At a time, I was buying books impulsively.

I thank God I did then.

God Bless You.

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