I Refuse To Be A Normal Nigerian

    I will derive pleasure from being unique and outstanding, through service.

    I refuse to see myself as belonging to a special class because of my profession as a medical doctor, calling as a clergyman, or financial status.

    We are all in this mess together.

    It is my contribution to the next generation that will distinguish me, not the privileges I have enjoyed from this country.

    I owe Nigeria and the next generation; I don’t desire more for myself in the midst of so much deprivation.

    I will dedicate myself and resources to leaving every place or person better than I met them.

    I desire to contribute my little bit to Nigeria and Africa.

    I refuse to make friends with my agemates; I am a friend of the future, my children’s agemates. I prefer to contribute to the future than the past. They are the future Presidents, Senators and Governors. They will hold my hands in old age. They are the ones who will bury me. If we don’t invest in them, we have no right to complain about them.

    But the main thrust of this post is that I refuse to be wasteful like a typical Nigerian.

    I refuse to get cheap and corrupt money. I must earn my money. Any gifts or support I receive must be based on the value of my contribution to my society.

    I refuse to despise work.

    I will not be ashamed to do what will make my life better, even if others think it is below my status.

    I will value little sums of money. I will manage my opportunities and resources with a sense of accountability, because I owe my grand children and society.

    I refuse to live to impress anybody. I will not conform to societal pressure just to be loved.

    I will be true to myself.

    I will be different.


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