Developing Content: Knowledge

    By wisdom is a house built, by understanding it is established, through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with precious goods. Proverbs 23:3-5.

    1. The triad of the pains of poverty, illiteracy, and the feelings of inadequacy created the push to develop content through the acquisition of knowledge in my case.

    2. The strong desire to deliberately eradicate any emptiness in an individual’s life, is usually absent in the lives of those who want to live fake lives.

    You cannot dramatise greatness throughout your life. The pressure of the reality of life will collapse your emptiness sooner than later.

    It’s very difficult to pretend to be asleep under close scrutiny.

    3. Associate with those with relevant knowledge deliberately and purposefully.

    There is the Flying Geese Theory of Development. It’s what led to the development of the Asian Tigers.

    4. Be observant, ask questions, put your ears to the ground and STEAL WITH YOUR EYES.

    According to David Yonggi Cho (paraphrased), “Take stones from the mountains of others and add to your hill. Gradually, your hill will become a mountain”.

    Even your enemies cannot charge you to court; your evidence will shut them up.

    5. Passion and the power to acquire knowledge independently is more valuable than knowledge it’s self.

    Develop a voracious appetite for the acquisition of functional and replicable knowledge.

    6. After assimilating ideas, information, and observations from others, mix it with your own peculiarity.

    Bake it in the oven of your mind, then you will create a unique concept.

    There are too many echoes and photocopies around.

    Be the best of yourself.

    God bless you.

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