By Pastor Raymond Ugbeh


    Speaking in Angel Wings Power Assembly, Delta state.

    Text: John 20:1-18

    Passion is a strong emotion directed at a person, place, or idea. It is different from rascality; it’s revealed through the value you attach to life.

    Passion is an outcome of interest and values

    Passion must be directed towards an idea, an ideal life, towards your spouse in marriage and to raising a successful family and to fulfilling your destiny or achieving set objectives. It’s a strong emotional attachment to the aforementioned that makes one function beyond the usual predictable behaviour of an individual or a group of people.

    Passion! Oh, passion!

    You cannot push a man beyond his desire, neither can you pray a man out of poverty beyond his desire to succeed. It is very dangerous to empower a man who is not passionate about life.

    The difference between success and failure is the extra endurance, anger, drive, enthusiasm generated by passion.

    Principles of Passion

    1. Passion enables you to start early

    Start early to identify your potentials—who you are and what you were created to be. If you don’t start early to plan, you may end up in the pit of life. Read early for your exams. Start to save early.

    2. Passion create a sense of punctuality in life

    Anybody who is not punctual can never do well in life.

    3. Passion enables you to start when it is still dark

    This is practice for an unseen contest and preparing for an opportunity yet to come. Passion helps you to manufacture yourself before you market yourself. Plan, prepare, and pray when it’s still very dark. Buy land and properties where the city is growing to.

    4. Passion helps you forget the past

    If you concentrate on your past error, you can’t advance with a passion to make a difference. Walk away from the past.

    5. Passion gives you a staying power

    Mary Magdalene came late to the grave place but she stayed a little longer and she saw what other disciples could not see.

    Strong passion, I tell you the truth, has the audacity to break protocols.

    God Bless You