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Tag: growth and development

Life is Like a Perfume

I learnt very early that life is like a perfume stored in a bottle. Remember the alabaster box that was broken by a woman and the aroma filled the room? […]

Entrepreneurship and the Future [2]

The world has transited from a global village to a global street. The president of the African Youth Community sent a message to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, through […]

Breaking Inertia

It’s not enough to have great information and ideas. Sometimes, ideas are very cheap, but very few folks are ready to start the process of turning them into reality by […]

Life Will Ask You Questions

PLEASE PREPARE TO GIVE GOOD ANSWERS. DON’T BE A STORYTELLER; ENSURE YOU BECOME A HISTORY MAKER. This post will make you angry with me; but it’s part of human behaviour. […]