The Camera Focuses More on Beautiful Images

    Most of what you admire in people especially on social media are the beautiful images of their lives.

    Every investor and any preacher or mature adult knows that life is an average of your best and your worst situations.

    In the course of harvesting cassava from the same plot of land, some cuttings will produce very big tubers, and just next to them are some cuttings that will not be productive. The same person planted the stems. They all had poultry manure applied, but some just failed to be productive.

    I have learnt from my harvest, but I will not allow those stems that failed to produce big tubers to discourage me. I will focus on the big tubers. However, I know what to do to reduce the percentage of my small tubers and get more giant tubers.

    Someone once said that all fingers are not equal but you must not be the smallest finger.

    Focus more on what works and why it works for you. Find out why some did not work, make them work, and produce a higher average.

    That’s how the game is played.

    God Bless You.

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