Jacob told his eldest son, Reuben, that he would not excel despite his great potentials because he was turbulent and restless.

An idea becomes a vision when it is incubated and acted upon.

Information becomes knowledge when it is assimilated through meditation and personalised through incubation. It transforms into a gift or talent when you regularly practice what’s formed in you. People who are easily excited by information are like people who enjoy the juice of an orange. But those who calmly ruminate over them over time, are like those who plant the seeds of the orange in their garden; they will bear more fruits.

No matter how great your parents, pastors, mentors, or benefactors are if you can’t be calm under their incubative leadership and assimilate the principles that made them who and what they are, you will regularly underperform and be dwarfed by life.

There are times God slows you and things around you down to crystallize the ingredients of your future. The pupa stage after the caterpillar stage is quiescent, but that’s when the colours of the butterfly are formed.

Learn to calm down and incubate your life instead of just claiming prophecies.

Being an evangelist or an itinerant preacher like me should not make you a nomad or a vagrant.

God Bless You.

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