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Tag: Sowing In The Land

Lessons From Cassava Harvest [2]

I like the way my worker grabbed the stems. That’s how to handle the issues of life. This harvest (which was sometime in June) is from what we planted about […]

Lessons From Cassava Harvest [1]

There is nothing great that turns up without effort. It might involve different people at different times and stages. During cultivation, someone cleared the field, another did the ridges, another […]

Learn To Ride The Big Waves When They Come

Surfers are usually on the lookout for the big waves. Business is usually like that. There are great opportunities that generate from events beyond your control; learn to maximize them. […]

The Systems Theory and Agriculture

The Systems Theory postulates in simple terms that society is like a system with inputs that are processed to yield outputs. The Bible says you reap what you sow. That […]

The Real Sowing In The Land

And Isaac sowed in the land and reaped a hundred fold . . . That is what it means simple and plain. He invested in the land simple. The land […]