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Tag: responsibility

When You Meet Your Destiny Helper

Most Church folks tend to overemphasize spirituality and the miraculous, without emphasis on responsibility and human effort. I once preached in a program titled “Above, not abroad”. However, all who […]

How To Meet Your Destiny Helpers

The books of Ruth and Esther in the Bible are books of strategic human effort and divine mercy. They are books that contain the power of the pursuit of purpose […]

I Don’t Pray With My Mind Closed

Most times, I pray with my eyes open unless I’m being distracted in a public place. But I always have my mind open to hear from God. When I have […]

The Years Cascade Into Each Other

1. The years cascade into each other; there is no real “cross over”. Nearly every dedicated dates, apart from dates that concern you personally like your birthday or anniversaries, are […]

Ten People You Cannot Help

Most times people need help to get out of bad situations or problems that they get into. However, from my study of human nature and observations, there are people that […]

Live and Lead Your Life

Life is a pyramid of responsibilities. At the peak of the pyramid, you must be responsible to God. At the base of the pyramid, you must lead yourself, and be […]