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Tag: relationship

Life Will Ask You Questions

PLEASE PREPARE TO GIVE GOOD ANSWERS. DON’T BE A STORYTELLER; ENSURE YOU BECOME A HISTORY MAKER. This post will make you angry with me; but it’s part of human behaviour. […]

There Is A Child In Every Adult

There is a child in every adult; if you keep that child in you alive, life and living become a bundle of fun. The child in me has refused to […]

Unserious Seriousness

I have always loved a good laugh. There is nothing as great as having fun, doing what you do, with all seriousness. My guest at the farm fellowship asked if […]

Why I Don’t Commit Adultery

For 36 years, God had helped me, by His grace to avoid adultery, despite very strong temptations. 1. I easily get tonsillitis, so I won’t dare kiss a woman who […]