Research has shown that Seventh-Day Adventists in the US live longer than other Christians, most likely because of the Sabbath rest and their diet. The Sabbath day of rest acts as a 52-day holiday in a year for them combined with other holidays they will have.

    R1 – Learn to Rest

    A lot of diseases (hypertension, stroke, diabetes, migraines, etc.) people suffer from can be a result of not taking out time to rest, not the devil.

    R2 – Learn to Relax

    Look at issues beyond what they are. There are issues before you were born, and there will be issues after you have passed on.

    R3 – Learn to Recreate

    Have time for fun.

    I learn to have fun wherever I have myself, in my own way and what suits me. I do not force myself to conform to traditional patterns people expect of me.

    R4 – Learn to Release tension

    One of the ways I release tension is with a good sense of humour. I try to do that a lot with my preaching. That’s why I pass for a comedian sometimes.

    Couples should learn to release tension together, not increase it with complaints and arguments.

    R5 Create time to reflect

    Take time to reflect on issues affecting your life. Don’t spend time just being busy, moving through life making the same mistakes.

    R6 Develop relationships

    Under tension and pressure, Isaac was caressing his wife.

    One of the dreams I have for Petra Institute, Effurun is to build centres for people to come together to rest, develop relationships, share ideas in a serene environment.

    Learn to rest before you are laid to rest early.

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