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Tag: modesty

Always Think Sustainability

I am in this once-very-beautiful hotel in the south-south region of Nigeria. The concept, furnishing, and finishing must have cost millions, if not billions of Naira. I like hotels and […]

Joy Is Not Sold In The Market

It was my wife’s birthday on the 25th of August. In recent times, the value we place on people is only measured by the cash and the cost of what […]

Celebrating With Sense, Not Status

The 25th of August was my Wife’s birthday, however, my wife and I set the 28th of August aside to give two lectures on how we have managed 41 years […]

Delayed Gratification

Pastor Raymond Nduka Orogun Ugbeh and his friend, Chaka, came visiting this morning, which was Christmas. As we were drinking alkaline coffee, the question arose from Chaka how I have […]

Popularity and Packaging

Some years back, someone once told me that my ‘carton‘ was not attractive enough. He said that my wife and I do not dress well. At least, according to him, […]