He Who Finds a Wife—When Push Comes to Shove

    My wife came to peel Cassava today in the farm.

    The Bible says that he who finds a wife, finds a good thing—not just a woman or person.

    A wife is a phenomenon—an amalgam of various constituents in a female companion, in a legally formalized union.

    It is instructive to note that Adam said, “the woman you gave to me“, not the wife you gave to me. I might be wrong, please forgive me.

    The same words used to describe the functions of the Holy Spirit fit perfectly into the role of a good wife—a wife is a companion, comforter, strengthener, teacher, remembrancer, counselor, ‘convincer’, and ‘convictor’. It’s my wife that regulates my excesses. If you are a married preacher, you must understand what I mean. They analyse and scrutinize your actions and messages when you get home. They might not say it immediately, but at a very suitable time, you will get your scripts and marks.

    Now to my Talakawa Economics; after selling the hospital and coming to start all over at Ughelli, my wife used to go harvest cassava from her mother’s cassava farm and prepare garri. People made mockery of her then. Yesterday, I told her we needed to uproot a lot of cassava because of the approaching rains and flooding, and she opted to come and help peel cassava.

    In the school, she employs a lot of workers. My female workers in the farm tried to discourage her, but before you could say, “Felicia”, she was already peeling cassava, and has been peeling since we came.

    When push comes to shove, my wife is ready to bend down to do any legitimate thing to create wealth.

    I don’t know who is reading this post that needs to bend down to do something to restart their lives.

    What might help kickstart your life might just be a little below you.


    Don’t be a beggar and be doing ‘big boy’ and ‘big babe’. She trained as a nurse at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital and a midwife at the Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba. As she used to say, “Mama, Mama, nor dey pay bills”.

    She will be 60 years old on October 25th, 2021, and we have been friends for 41 years. She is my wife, Felcia Apokiiiiii.

    God Bless You.

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