A lecture presented at the Africa leadership and diplomatic Academy, Abuja, on the 30th of April, 2021.

    Leadership is providing direction to a group of people in order to achieve set objectives. It is the ability to stimulate people to do what they would not have been willing to do, how much they would have been willing to do, and how far they would have been willing to go.

    Leadership involves influencing people to behave in a predictable way or ways to achieve set objectives.

    Leadership involves a mold and model of admiration and a brand that people are ready to emulate. Leadership is at different levels and in different sectors of the society.

    Only 1-2% of people generate original thoughts. 3% analyse what these people think, and the remainder 95% dare not think for themselves. If they do, there will be chaos. These fellows are the follow-follow of every population. They are the raw material for progress or underdevelopment. It’s a weaver bird phenomenon—stripping other people’s minds and assets to build their own assets and positions.

    The whole creation is earnestly waiting for the manifestation of those who have the genetic code of God. They have a sense of responsibility, who can say let there be light in the midst of darkness and chaos but the spirit of leadership was hovering over it. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of leadership.

    Reflection on these Stories:

    a. The lion among sheep.

    b. The story of the eagle among chickens.

    We have more of farmers who rear Eagles among chickens and lions among sheep and there is a pandemic if Stockholm Syndrome among our youths.

    c. The story of Mary Slessor.

    Create a Mold and Model

    1. Have admirability; if not, you will fall to become an Admiral.

    2. Dare to be different.

    3. Dare to walk away from the following Ps
    a. Purposes
    b. Positions
    c. Philosophies

    4. Dare to excel in all aspects.

    You can’t lead a people at the level of their thoughts. You can’t lead a people at the same level of their performance.

    5. Dare to be productive.

    You can’t lead a people at their level of poverty. Dare to walk away from their parties.

    6. Dare to set your own standards.

    Ngozi Okonji Iweala challenge.

    Ngozi Okonji Iweala has chosen to wear Nigerian prints. She has retained her Nigerian accent and maintained her colour. If all our school uniforms are made of Nigerian prints, imagine the ‘economic tsunami’ that it will generate. (The Zamfara State delegates, including members of the legislature and commissioners immediately, adopted my suggestion and said they were going to implement it).

    Angels Merkel and her challenge.

    You cannot morally lead when you are part of the crowd.

    When everyone wears a crown, it becomes a uniform. Dare to stand out when your mates stand up.

    7. Have a strategy, develop systems, build men and women, and build structures for sustainability.

    • I set up schools.
    • I target youths.
    • I run schools, youth programs, conferences, and strategic missionary trips.
    • I do radio broadcasts
    • I blog and vlog.
    • Recently, I just laid the foundation of Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor, which is an entrepreneurial and leadership development center.


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