My lawyer asked me to make videos of our train journey from Ujevwu in Udu Local Government Area to Itakpe in Kogi state.

    I first saw a train at Ibadan in 1979 when I got admission to the University of Ibadan. There were no trains in the Midwest or former Bendel then.

    I’ve had no need to board one until 2012, when I traveled by train from Bucharest to Constanta in Romania for my son’s graduation. So, it was with some degree of excitement that I boarded this train from Ujevwu.

    The station was quite nice.

    Quite early in the morning, the station was already very busy.

    At Abraka, I asked Marcus Ekure to document our trip on video, and one of the workers wanted to prevent him from doing so. I had to protest, and that attempt to intimidate us with a non-existent order was resisted.

    I later understood why he was nervous about us making a video.

    Nigerian politicians are terrible!

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